Tradition and avant-garde at the service of quality


Tradición y vanguardia al servicio de la calidad

Our history


For the land and from the land

José Moro plants 50 hectares of vineyard with clones of the centuries-old vines from the vineyards of his father and his grandfather.


Cepa 21 becomes a reality

The first vintage of Cepa 21, our flagship, was harvested in 2002.


A differential winery

The Bodegas Cepa 21 building is inaugurated. An avant-garde construction and a perfect and innovative balcony overlooking the Ribera.


Hito, our youngest expression, arrives

The faithful reflection that youth steps with a firm step but sure of its quality.


First vintage of Malabrigo

The faithful reflection of Castilla, its austerity and its people. A wine in which the Terroir comes to life.


Hito Rosado, the most floral range, is born

The only rosé from Bodegas Cepa 21 whose expressiveness leaves no one indifferent.


Horcajo is born, elegance made into wine

And thus completes the range of our winery to become the high-end wine of Cepa 21.


Cepa 21, in the Vatican

First solidarity vintage of Cepa 21 in favor of SCHOLAS, the foundation led by Pope Francis.


The year of the Revolution

Launching new labels and changing the brand image to continue conquering the world.

A unique enclave


If you like wine, you understand wine

Tradition and avant-garde

The union of both dimensions is, without a doubt, a real added value. And the Cepa 21 project is based on the roots and legacy of José Moro who, after more than 30 years dedicated to the world of wine, transfers his know-how and experience to each process. Furthermore, its innovative vision and disruptive character mark the difference of a unique winery that is committed to integrating technology to achieve greater knowledge and less intervention.

Respect for the land

Knowledge and respect for our environment is a fundamental factor in capturing the essence of the land and transferring it to each of the wines. We are aware of what the Tempranillo variety and the orography of our vineyards can contribute to the final product, and we want the customer to feel it in every glass. We know that our land is our greatest asset, and that is why we want to give back what it gives us, which is why Bodegas Cepa 21 is committed to reducing environmental impact and managing resources efficiently.


José Moro, chosen as one of the 100 most innovative entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine, guides the strategy of Bodegas Cepa 21 always from a differential perspective and effective and disruptive communication that connects with the consumer. Pioneers in actions never imagined in the world of wine, at Bodegas Cepa 21 excellence is a goal and breaking barriers is part of our path forward.


Characterized by minimalism and efficiency. A modern and functional construction by BSA Arquitectura, the entire winery is equipped with the highest technology with the aim of achieving the highest quality throughout the process and the development of the best wines.

Avant-garde architecture, careful design and dreamlike views reflect the character of Cepa 21.

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