BODEGAS CEPA 21, dedicated to the production of grapes, the elaboration, bottling and marketing of wine and the provision of wine tourism experiences, is committed to achieving the highest quality, guaranteeing food safety, environmental protection and information security through the continuous improvement of its processes, products and services, and excellence in management.

BODEGAS CEPA 21, establishes and maintains an integrated quality, food safety, environmental and information security management system based on the ISO 9001, UNE-ISO 13810, BRC, IFS, ISO 14001, UNE-EN ISO 27001 standards as the basic principles of the organisation, providing the framework for defining and reviewing objectives. In order to achieve this, it assumes and promotes the following general principles that must govern all its activities:

COLLABORATE with all stakeholders, generating and maintaining relationships of mutual trust and respect, understanding and knowing and satisfying their needs and expectations.

COMPLY with the current legislation applicable to its activity, as well as all the commitments undertaken with the various stakeholders.

PRODUCE, MANUFACTURE, PACKAGE and MARKET safe, legal and authentic products that guarantee the highest quality to ou customers.

GUARANTEE the commitment to continuous improvement in environmental matters, food safety and quality of food in the winery.

OFFER differential wine tourism experiences that convey the company's values and create good memories for the visitor.

PROMOTE the commitment of employees by making them participants in the company's philosophy, as well as in all the projects, news and changes that are being implemented to achieve transparency and total alignment between the different departments. Employees are the greatest asset of Bodegas Cepa 21.

ENSURE the safety and health of collaborators and customers in the facilities through a risk prevention policy and a system that guarantees correct access control.

ENHANCE the culture of continuous improvement of processes, products and services and excellence in management.

DISSEMINATE AND MAINTAIN A PLAN TO PROMOTE AND CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE A CULTURE of food safety and quality, as well as an environmental and information security culture at all levels of the organization.

ACT ethically and transparently, in accordance with the Bodegas Cepa 21 values.

APPLY Compliance policies to manage Corporate Governance models, guaranteeing compliance, not only with the law, but also with internal regulations, ethics and winery principles.

CARE FOR AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, developing activities in a respectful way in order to prevent pollution, committing to:

- Identify and control the environmental impacts associated with the activities carried out.

- Properly manage the waste generated, applying appropriate measures for reduction, recovery and elimination.

- Quantify and reduce the consumption of natural resources.

- Quantify and minimise the generation of greenhouse gases.


Confidentiality, ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorised to have access to it.

Integrity, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information and the processing methods.

Availability, ensuring that authorised users have access to the information and associated assets when required.

PROMOTE initiatives related to social commitment that materialize the winery's commitment to guarantee and support:

Human rights, diversity, inclusion, equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

People management through an appropriate labor relations framework focused on achieving optimal business efficiency, in addition to establishing a talent culture that is committed to reconciling work and personal life, as well as a commitment to professional growth and team formation.


The Management, March 20, 2023

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