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BODEGAS CEPA 21, dedicated to the production, bottling and marketing of wine, is committed to achieving total quality and to guaranteeing food safety and the protection of the environment, through the continuous improvement of its processes.

To this end, it assumes and promotes the following basic principles which must preside over all its activities in terms of quality, food safety and environment:

  • WORK with all stakeholders, generating and maintaining relationships of mutual trust and respect and understanding and meeting their needs and expectations.
  • FULFIL the current legislation applicable to our activity, as well as all the commitments acquired with the diverse stakeholder groups.
  • PRODUCE, BOTTLE and MARKET safe and legal products.
  • PROMOTE the participation of collaborators through team work, transparency, training, professional and human development and recognition of achievements. Health and safety at each workstation is top priority. People are Bodegas Cepa 21’s greatest asset.
  • BOOST the culture of continuous improvement of our processes, products and services, and excellence in management. The objective is to increase competitiveness, value creation, and the effectiveness of the quality, food safety and environmental management system.
  • COMMIT to acting in an ethical and transparent way, in line with the company’s values.
  • DEVELOP the activity in a way which respects the environment, managing the waste generated in a suitable manner and minimising natural resource consumption.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, together with tradition and innovation, are the three fundamental pillars of Bodegas Cepa 21.
  • ESTABLISH AND PROMOTE the use of the quality, food safety and environmental management system based on regulations ISO 9001, BRC and ISO 14001 as basic principles of the organisation which provide the framework for definition and revision of the objectives.

The Management
15th January 2019