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Hito Rosado is the expression of a certain nostalgia for traditional clarete wines, with the addition of a modern twist. Produced from the same grapes as their great reds, Cepa 21’s only rosé – the first vintage was launched in 2010 – encompasses all the expertise of the Tempranillo variety (Tinto Fino), but is achieved through a different process: maceration lasts only two hours. This wine comes from the lowest of Bodegas Cepa 21’s vineyards, in the town of Castrillo de Duero, with north and south-east facing chalky-clay and stony soils. After this brief maceration and the elimination by physical decanting of the suspended solids in the must, it is fermented at 14 oC for approximately 20 days. The wine is then aged on lees before being bottled.


Hito Rosado 2020 is a clean, bright, pale pink wine, subtle and elegant. On the nose, it is very fresh and lively, with notes of red fruits – raspberries and blackberries stand out –, white flowers and some citrus. On the palate, it is expressive, vibrant and with marked acidity. In the words of José Moro, President of Bodegas Cepa 21, “this is a wine of great freshness that, at the same time, shows warmth and boldness. It presents itself with a lot of self-confidence and invites you to drink; it enters the conversation without asking for permission and captures you with its aromatic intensity”.

The weather in 2020 was marked by a slight rise in the average temperature which, together with the abundant rainfall in spring, allowed the vines to develop well. The harvest was accompanied by rain, but it did not affect the quality of the grapes obtained, resulting in wines of high aromatic expression and intensity. This vintage of Hito Rosado is, in short, a new example of the versatility of Tempranillo and, more specifically, of the clone used by Cepa 21.

Hito Rosado is presented in an elegant Burgundy bottle with a label that includes the wine information in braille and a handcrafted illustration of two milestones, traditional carved stone posts that mark the way.

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