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We welcome in the spring with new experiences: from wine tasting with tapas to hot-air balloon trips over our vineyard

Among the many wine-related sensory experiences we offer at Bodegas Cepa 21, this season we propose bicycle trips, hot air balloon trips and aromatic wine tasting.

 Spring has arrived at last, and with it, the eagerly-awaited fair weather forecasts. To enjoy the open air, and nature, which will show us all its splendour this year, we have organised an interesting programme of activities, with wine as the leitmotiv. So that all who visit have the opportunity to discover every corner of the winery through classic, sensory and tailor-made experiences.

Wine tasting and meals with wine and food matching

The more classic experiences are perfect for getting to know the winery and the process of elaboration of our wines, from cultivation of the vines in the vineyard, to tasting, passing through the stages of fermentation, ageing and labelling. You can choose wine tasting of two or four wines (€15 and €25 respectively), tasting with sampling of tapas (€35 with two wines or €45 with four), and a meal with wine and food matching in our Cepa 21 Restaurante, led by chef Alberto Soto (Castile and León Gastronomy Prize 2015), which has the recognition of a Repsol Sun. The price of this last option is €90 with previous tasting of two wines (Hito and Cepa 21), or €100 with the previous tasting of four wines (adding Hito Rosado and Malabrigo). It is also possible to use the winery installations – including restaurant, bar, terrace, garden and space for projections – for the organisation of tailor-made events.

For adventurous palates

For those who want to go further and live new experiences of wine, at Cepa 21 we propose sensory experiences that will be hard to forget. Among them, this spring you will be able to cycle through the vineyards on an electric bicycle – with assisted pedalling to make the trip simple and comfortable – with a stop for apéritif at the Cepa 21 Restaurante, to taste the wines Hito and Cepa 21 (€40). You can also contemplate the vineyards from the heights in a hot-air balloon (minimum 6 people; €220/person). The trip among the clouds lasts around 3-4 hours and ends with an apéritif on the restaurant terrace, tasting the wines Hito and Hito Rosado. The third sensory proposal is an aromatic tasting of two or four wines (€25-€45), in which the participants have to discover the hidden aromas in each wine with the help of scent bells, which aid identification of the wine’s aromas.


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